How can I get a diplomatic passport?

Cameroon: Cameroonian identifications, explicitly the responsible organization, the significance of the numbers on the page bearing the holder’s photograph. The measures are taken to decide the visa’s validness, regardless of whether applications must be submitted face to face. Whether the holder’s photograph is taken at the identification office and signs at the hour of use or when the identification is given (May 2005).

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Other people who are qualified for the lasting strategic visa are people working in the PM’s office at or over the attaché level, the main equity of the Supreme Court, the lawyer general at the Supreme Court, general officials, for the length of their deployment-ready, vocation negotiators, and officials in the branch of unfamiliar relations (ministère des Relations extérieures, MINREX) at or over the head of administration (culinary specialist de administration) level. Likewise qualified are Cameroonians functioning as secretaries-general, right-hand secretaries-general or chiefs in worldwide associations, counsels, secretaries and attachés in consulate workplaces, armed force, naval force, and flying corps attachés.

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